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Microsoft HoloLens 2

For precise, efficient, hands-free work, an ergonomic, untethered holographic device with enterprise-ready applications to enhance user accuracy and productivity.


Reduce downtime, transform your workforce, and build more agile factories. With HoloLens 2, employees can quickly learn complex tasks and collaborate in the moment from anywhere.

Engineering & construction

Accelerate the pace of design, lower rework instances, and engage customers in new ways. With HoloLens 2, employees can identify risks earlier and accurately validate designs and install conditions from early-stage design through to construction.


Empower teams to work securely and enhance patient treatment reducing time-to-care. With HoloLens 2, health professionals can connect with remote experts, and call up patient data and go beyond x-rays to consult MRI images in 3D at the point of care.


Improve learning results and revolutionize curriculum with hands on lesson plans that convey complex concepts in 3D. With HoloLens 2, students can learn-by-doing from anywhere with holographic instructions and assessments.

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UltiMaker S5

The UltiMaker S5 is a professional-grade 3D printer known for its reliability, high-quality prints, and ease of use.

Dual Extrusion

Equipped with dual extrusion capabilities, enabling the use of two different materials or colors in a single print.

Touchscreen Interface

Features a user-friendly touchscreen interface for easy operation and control.

Print Quality

Offers high-resolution printing with layer heights as small as 20 microns, ensuring detailed and precise prints.

Active Bed Levelling

Ensures a perfect first layer by automatically compensating for any inconsistencies in the build plate.

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PC-powered VR gaming involves using a virtual reality headset that connects to a PC, which provides the processing power needed for high-quality graphics and immersive experiences

High-Quality Graphics

PC-powered VR headsets often offer superior graphics compared to standalone VR systems, thanks to the powerful GPUs and CPUs in gaming PCs. High-resolution displays and high refresh rates (90Hz or more) are common, reducing motion sickness and providing smoother visuals.

Tracking and Controllers

Advanced tracking systems (like external sensors or inside-out tracking) provide precise movement tracking in a 3D space. Controllers with haptic feedback, multiple buttons, and motion tracking enhance interactivity and immersion.

Hardware Requirements

A powerful gaming PC with a high-end GPU (like NVIDIA RTX series or AMD Radeon RX series), a fast processor (Intel i7/i9 or AMD Ryzen 7/9), and sufficient RAM (16GB or more). VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift S, HTC Vive Cosmos, Valve Index, and HP Reverb G2.

Library of Games

Access to a vast library of VR games and experiences available on platforms like SteamVR, Oculus Store, and Viveport. Popular games include "Half-Life: Alyx," "Beat Saber," "The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners," and "Elite Dangerous."

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The world's most functional mechanical prosthetic hand

IDA offers you an incredible experience with a revolutionary design brought to life by an adaptive grip, an 80o movable thumb & a 180o rotary wrist.

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Meta Quest 2

No need for a PC or console; the headset operates independently with built-in processing power.Easy to set up and use, with minimal cables and a compact design.Features a fast-switch LCD display with a resolution of 1832 x 1920 pixels per eye, providing clear and sharp visuals.Equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 platform, offering significant performance improvements over the original Quest.6DoF tracking for both the headset and controllers provides an immersive experience.Inside-out tracking using four built-in cameras allows for full movement in 3D space.Adjustable straps and an optional Elite Strap accessory for improved comfort and balance.Redesigned Touch controllers with improved ergonomics and battery life.

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VIVE XR Elite The new shape of PC VR

The VIVE XR Elite is a cutting-edge VR headset developed by HTC, designed to redefine PC VR experiences with its advanced features and innovative design.Built-in high-resolution audio with spatial sound for an immersive auditory experience.Built-in high-resolution audio with spatial sound for an immersive auditory experience.